Management Plus Motivation Equal Positive Outcome

“Because I didn’t want to,” the millennial replied when her supervisor asked why she had not completed a recent assignment. You can imagine the level of frustration resulting from this response! But have you ever considered things you are doing that may be creating unnecessary frustration for the millennials on your team?

In a recent Dale Carnegie Training white paper*, the writer cites the findings of a recent two-year study conducted in conjunction with MSW Research.  The writer states, “Millennials could become the most productive generation with the right combination of management and motivation.”  Would it not be a tremendous privilege to help this statement become a reality?

Five Ways You Are Frustrating Millennials

  1. Providing work that is tedious and uninteresting
  2. Appearing to be dishonest with employees
  3. Working for an organization that does not provide open communication between employees and management
  4. Having a supervisor who is solely focused on work and not the personal lives of their team
  5. Allowing an unhealthy work-life balance

Leading Millennials

So what can you do to reduce frustrations and help millennials become the most productive generation? Consider trying one or more of the following:

Add Variety

Sit down with the millennials on your team (or your entire team for that matter!) and brainstorm ways to add variety in their day-to-day responsibilities. (This helps address both numbers one and three above.)


Take time to listen. This will require active listening, being sure to be engaged as the team member is sharing his or her story (good eye contact, nodding, asking questions, providing feedback, etc.). Then be sure to ask for an update in an appropriate amount of time — don’t wait too long and please…don’t forget!

Promote Healthy Work-Life Balance

Surprise your team members with a special concession that promotes a healthy work-life balance. You might send someone home an hour early on their birthday, approve a day off for a significant family event, or provide opportunities for connection (relationship building) in the workplace.

An Important Investment in the Future

None of these ideas are costly.  Taking the time to invest in your millennials will not only benefit your team, and you will be doing your part to help them become the most productive generation!  Sign up below to access a FREE resource that will help you lead, not only millennials, but your entire team.

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*Click here to view the Dale Carnegie White Paper on Igniting Millennial Engagement.

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Five Ways You Are Frustrating the Millennials on Your Team